For Open-Source and Cloud-Native Software Entrepreneurs Creating the Next Generation of Modern Data, Security & IT Infrastructure Companies

Nov 3, 2022

San Francisco


Open-source software and cloud-native infrastructure have fundamentally revolutionized the modern IT stack—spanning data, security, DevOps and more. In fact, the past year saw organizations large and small rapidly move to adopt “open cloud” technologies to meet the demands of their increasingly digital businesses. At the Battery Ventures OpenCloud Summit, we’re bringing together pioneering, cloud-native companies, entrepreneurs leading hypergrowth startups, and the next generation of promising founders and CEOs. Our speakers will share best practices and lessons learned from their company-building journeys, as well as insights on serving the evolving enterprise-IT market today, including:

  • Building and rapidly innovating cloud-native solutions;

  • Developing engaging, viral communities of developers, data scientists and product practitioners;

  • Managing pay-as-you-go and annual, multi-year revenue streams that appeal to different market segments and buyer personas;

  • Turbo-charging go-to-market strategies leveraging cloud marketplaces and product-led, high-velocity sales motions; and

  • Leadership lessons around building high-performance teams that scale from conception to $100M and beyond


Our goal at the OpenCloud Summit is to foster the community of next-generation OpenCloud leaders by sharing hard-earned wisdom and war stories from the trenches.


We hope you can join us!



November 3, 2022

11:30am-7:00pm PT


Skybar, Chase Center

1 Warriors Way
San Francisco, CA


2021 Speakers


Jay - headshot_edited.jpg

Jay Kreps

Co-Founder & CEO


Eugenio Pace

Eugenio (LI).jpg

Co-Founder & CEO


MS Headshot_edited.jpg

Matthew Scullion

Founder & CEO


Todd (LI)_edited.jpg

Todd Olson

Founder & CEO



Hatim Shafique

Chief Customer Officer


Kelly (LI)_edited.jpg

Kelly Breslin Wright

President & COO



Armon Dadgar

Co-Founder & CTO



Jeff Yoshimura



DT Circle.png

Dharmesh Thakker

General Partner

Battery Ventures


René Bonvanie

Former CMO, Palo Alto Networks 

Executive In Residence 

Battery Ventures


Max Schireson

Former CEO, MongoDB

Executive In Residence 

Battery Ventures

NEW Website Bill_Headshots.jpg

Bill Binch

Operating Partner

Battery Ventures

chiraag -221x144.jpg

Chiraag Deora

Investment Team 

Battery Ventures


Danel Dayan

Investment Team 

Battery Ventures

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Agenda 2021

9:00 PT

Welcome Remarks & OpenCloud Presentation

Dharmesh Thakker, Battery Ventures

9:30 PT

Keynote Fireside Chat: From Open-source Project to Initial Public Offering: Confluent’s Growth Journey

Jay Kreps, Co-Founder & CEO, Confluent (CFLT)

Moderator: Dharmesh Thakker, Battery Ventures

10:15 PT

Lightning Talk: Designing Products for Commercialization

Armon Dadgar, Co-Founder & CTO, HashiCorp

10:50 PT

Lightning Talk: Accelerating Growth with Culture Driven Sales

Kelly Breslin Wright, President & COO, Gong

11:20 PT


12:05 PT

Lightning Talk: Driving Customer Success as a Growth Function

Hatim Shafique, Chief Customer Officer, Databricks

12:40 PT

Scaling From 0-$100M and Beyond: CEO Leadership Panel

Eugenio Pace, Co-Founder & CEO, Auth0

Matthew Scullion, Founder & CEO, Matillion

Todd Olson, Founder & CEO, Pendo

Moderator: Max Schireson, Former MongoDB CEO & Battery Ventures

1:20 PT

Closing Remarks

11:30 PT

Lightning Talk: Marketing and Demand-Gen in a Product-Led World

Jeff Yoshimura, CMO & Customer Experience Officer, Snyk

*invite only event

Previously at OpenCloud

CEOs of JFrog, Databricks & Sumo Logic
CEOs of JFrog, Databricks & Sumo Logic

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Paul Cormier, RedHat & Max Schireson, Battery
Paul Cormier, RedHat & Max Schireson, Battery

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Yvonne, CEO Puppet
Yvonne, CEO Puppet

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CEOs of JFrog, Databricks & Sumo Logic
CEOs of JFrog, Databricks & Sumo Logic

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